Bereavement Award

Nothing can compensate family and relatives for a fatal accident to a loved one. It is important, however, that where possible lessons are learned and that adequate compensation is awarded to help towards financial security and for the pain and suffering of a family left behind.

Fatal accidents are fortunately quite rare but they do occur on more occasions than many imagine. According to the Health and Safety Commission report for 2004/5 220 workers were killed in fatal accidents and 361 members of the public were fatally injured as a result of workplace incidents. On the UK’s roads 3,221 people were killed in road accidents of whom 166 were children.

At Pattinson & Brewer we have managed many fatal accident claims, from individual cases to major disasters. Our team has won many difficult compensation claims on behalf of relatives so all our solicitors have extensive experience supporting families and relatives through the complex legal process with compassion and understanding at such a distressing time.

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