Dental Negligence

As medical negligence specialist solicitors, we support with dental negligence claims as well as many other types such as surgical, orthopaedic or cosmetic. Whether you are a dental patient that has been treated on the NHS or privately treated, we can help you and/or your loved ones with the claim process. From gathering medical records, to determining case success and court proceedings, we can also refer you to specialist medical and rehabilitation providers should you need it

Types of Dental Negligence Claims

At Pattinson Brewer solicitors, we deal with a plethora of dental negligence cases such as:

  • Wrong tooth removal
  • Anaesthetic not being given properly
  • Errors with root canal treatment
  • Long lasting nerve injury
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Oral and mouth cancer

Some of our previous Dental Negligence Claims

One of our claimants suffered a painful root perforation due to a poorly performed root canal and we were able to secure compensation as a result. We brought a claim against the NHS dentist for a failure to recognise and treat the perforation due to the claimant undergoing an unnecessary procedure to repair a damaged tooth. We managed to secure £6,800 in compensation for the claimant that included funds for restorative dentistry and further treatment.

We also secured £6,000 in compensation for a claimant who suffered painful chemical burns to her mouth during a routine dental appointment.

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If you would like to find out more information about the claim process or funding a claim, visit our pages Making a Medical Negligence Claim — what are the next steps and Medical Negligence — how to pay. Alternatively, if you have any questions specific to dental negligence, our team of solicitors will be able to advise you further on 0800 069 9060.

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