Pneumoconiosis is the collective name for a small number of lung diseases. These diseases affect workers who were exposed to dusty environments over a long period of time such as those employed in construction, carriage works, mining, ship building, power generation and oil refineries.

The Pneumoconiosis group of lung disease includes:

  • Asbestosis – Affects workers who inhaled asbestos fibres working in construction, carriage and ship building and in specific trades
  • Coalminers pneumoconiosis – Affects coal miners and some workers involved in associated industries such as coal transport and storage
  • Siderosis – Often referred to as Welder’s Lung and caused by inhaling iron particles and welding flux smoke.
  • Silicosis – Workers affected by this condition are likely to have worked in glass manufacture, mining and quarrying and construction.
  • Kaolinosis – Kaolin is a fine white clay also referred to china clay. It is used in ceramics manufacture and as a filler or coating pigment in papermaking. Worker affected by this condition would be likely to have worked in ceramics, paper making and cosmetics.

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