Spinal Injuries

As with brain injuries, spinal injuries can vary widely in the effects they have on the quality of life accident victims may experience. There are 40,000 paralysed people (Spinal Injury Assocation figures) living in the UK and thousands more who suffer from a range of spinal injuries caused by everything from poor training in heavy lifting to serious motorbike and car accidents.

Pattinson & Brewer has represented hundreds of victims who have suffered spinal injury as a result of widely differing types of accident. We work with our clients to ensure that they receive the best possible support and can claim compensation that will provide some financial security as well ongoing rehabilitation where necessary.

If you think you may have a claim please contact us on 01904 528 020 or email us at enquiries@pattinsonbrewer.co.uk to discuss your case.

Useful Links:


Spinal Injuries Association

The Spinal Injuries Association

The widest range of up to date public service information available with an extensive section for disabled people covering benefits, rights, education, health and support.

Association for Spinal Injury Research (ASPIRE)
ASPIRE is a registered charity that works with people who are spinally injured in rehabilitation and reintegration to promote well-being and independence.

Back-up is a charity that offers people paralysed through spinal cord injury the chance to take up challenging outdoor activities that may help in regaining confidence and independence.

British Brain & Spine Foundation
The British Brain and Spine Foundation aims to improve the prevention, treatment and care of disorders of the brain and spine through research, education and awareness programmes.

Inspire promotes research and development of electronic, mechanical and medical aids to assist people with spinal cord paralysis.

Transhouse is a housing charity that provides specialist short term accommodation for people who have sustained serious spinal cord injury.


Shaw Trust
Shaw Trust is the largest UK provider of employment services for disabled people. It is a national charity that provides training and work opportunities for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market due to disability, ill health or other social circumstances.

Association of Disabled Professionals

Disabled Workers Co-operative
Products, services and skills provided by a local disabled worker. Disabled workers can register their service free on the Disabled Workers Database.


Produces a holiday guide book ‘Accessible Holidays in the British Isles (£8) that can be ordered from RADAR and there is an online version on this book on the RADAR web site.

Tourism For All

Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC)
Travel enquiry information for people with disabilities from the government compiled by Tripscope.


Disabled Sport
Disabled Sport is building a database of local venues that offer wheelchair accessibility and changing facilities adapted for different disabilities.

British Wheelchair Sports Foundation
Provides people in wheelchairs with opportunities to take part in competitive sport.

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