Conditions arising from Asbestos exposure

The diseases caused by Asbestos result from airborne fibres being breathed in and then accumulating in the lungs usually over a prolonged period of between 10 and 50 years, or even longer. Asbestos can cause several different conditions and these can have a range of effects from very draining breathlessness to being fatal.

Pleural Plaques – A condition where areas of the pleura thicken as a result of scarring of the tissue (The lungs are wrapped in a thin membrane called the Pleura. Microscopic asbestos fibres embed themselves in the lungs and may lead to lung and pleura damage and disease.). Often without symptoms pleural plaques can nevertheless cause impairment of the lung and affect breathing. Pleural plaques are visible on xray and do not necessarily lead to other Asbestos related conditions.

Pleural Effusion – A condition where fluid collects between the lung and the chest wall. This may cause breathlessness and may indicate the potential for pleural thickening to develop.

Diffuse Pleural Thickening – A thickening of the pleura often seen on both sides of the lung that can progress to severe breathlessness.

Pneumoconiosis/Asbestosis – Slowly progressive scarring or fibrosis of the lung tissue resulting in increasing disability.

Asbestos Induced Lung Cancer – This condition may be preceded by Asbestosis and is a malignant tumour on the lung. Asbestos workers who have smoked multiply their risk of contracting this form of cancer.

Mesothelioma – A rare type of cancer caused by Asbestos that appears on the pleura.

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