Hospital Acquired Infections

Hospital infections are particularly dangerous due to the presence of open wounds and the vulnerability of patients to infections. There is a very wide range of infections that can be acquired in hospital, including both MRSA and Clostridium Difficile. Infections like this can arise in a number of ways:

  • Delays in recognising and treating infection
  • Inappropriate treatment
  • Proceeding with elective operations when an infection is present

Our cases :-

We secured £10,000.00 for a man who developed sepsis after a routine operation to repair a fractured ankle.  The ankle operation itself was substandard, causing the claimant to suffer from terrible ankle blisters. On top of this, sepsis was introduced at the time of surgery and the infection became so deep that all metal work had to be removed. The Claim was complicated by the fact that the Claimant was being treated as a private patient at an NHS hospital and the NHS hospital tried to avoid liability on that basis.

Infections can have a serious and profound effect on a patient’s recovery period and perhaps result in further surgery.  Colette Payne, one of our medical negligence solicitors, is currently representing a man who suffered MRSA and osteomyelitis in his toe following a routine operation. Due to the infection, all of the metal work had to be taken away and the Claimant’s recovery period was prolonged.

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