Court of Protection

There are many reasons why an adult may have lost the capacity to make decisions regarding their financial affairs, such as having a medical condition, a learning disability, mental health issues or following a brain injury. Individuals can be incredibly vulnerable in these circumstances, however, there are a number of measures that can be taken that will allow you to act as an appointed person on their behalf to oversee their best interests and personal welfare.

Through the Court of Protection you can become the appointed person to make decisions related to the following:

• An individual’s personal care
• Any medical treatment the individual should receive, including any decisions relating to life sustaining treatments
• Where the individual should live
• Who the individual can have contact with
• Whether the individual can consent to and engage in sexual relations
• An individual’s financial affairs

Through the Court of Protection, you can apply to be appointed as a deputy for another individual. As a deputy, the court will grant you permission to represent the incapacitated individual and oversee decisions relating to their personal welfare or financial affairs.

As a leading law firm since 1890, our expert team has extensive experience in dealing with the Court of Protection and can offer you advice, support and guidance during what can be a challenging and sensitive time. Our specialists can also assist you with making complex decisions relating to the needs of a vulnerable individual.

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