Child Brain Injury

There are many possible causes of child brain injury, some of which cannot be prevented even with good medical care.

However sometimes brain injury is the result of poor or inadequate care and should have been prevented from happening. This type of preventable injury may include brain damage from causes such as:

  • Lack of oxygen to the baby during labour and birth
  • Hypoglycaemia – low blood sugar – from failure to properly monitor blood sugar levels in new born babies
  • Infection – the mother may contract an infection while pregnant or in labour which, if untreated, can spread to the baby in the womb
  • Meningococcal disease and sepsis – failure to diagnose and treat appropriately. However it is important to recognise that this type of illness often develops extremely fast from what may seem initially to be a simple infection with no “red flags”. So sometimes, it may not be possible to say the diagnosis should have been made earlier.
  • Kernicterus or BIND syndrome – rhesus incompatibility of the mother with the baby and failure to administer Anti D immunoglobulin as needed.

We have many years experience of managing child brain injury cases effectively and sympathetically. Our specialist solicitors have successfully secured much needed compensation for injured children, providing families with peace of mind that there will sufficient funds available in the future to meet the complex care and therapeutic needs of their children.

We understand the difficulties you may experience when a child suffers devastating injury and the effect this is likely to have on the whole family so we can guide you through this very difficult and stressful process.

As specialists in this area, we recognise that the success of your claim will depend on the knowledge and experience of the medical experts deployed. It is important to ensure appropriate experts are instructed to achieve the best possible outcome. We have established relationships with many renowned medical experts in relevant areas such as obstetrics, midwifery, neonatology, paediatric neurology and neuroradiology. We ensure the medical evidence used in your case is of the highest standard and that the experts we engage have the experience and knowledge to support your claim effectively.

We are familiar with the every day problems that you may face, including difficulties accessing the medical treatment, therapy, assistance and equipment you will need to care for your child and aid your own recovery. In cases where liability is resolved, we seek interim payments at an early stage to provide suitable accommodation and a care regime and ensure access to treatments, support and assistance.

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