Vibrational White Finger Claims

Vibration white finger or HAVS is caused by long-term exposure to vibration. This includes working with power tools such as drills and saws, operating heavy equipment, driving vehicles with engines that produce vibrations and even playing musical instruments.

The condition affects workers across industries and occupations. It’s most common among metalworkers, woodworkers, mechanics, welders, machinists and those working in construction and heavy engineering.

Your employer has a duty of care to protect you whilst you are at work

By law, employers must provide suitable PPE, including special anti-vibrotective gloves, and ensure that the machines are correctly maintained. Employers must also ensure that workers are trained to use equipment safely.

If you believe that you have developed vibration white finger, you should report it to your supervisor immediately. If there are no immediate signs of improvement, you should seek medical advice. You could also contact your union representative or occupational health department.

What are the symptoms of vibration white finger?

Symptoms include numbness, whitening, tingling or burning sensations in the fingers. Sometimes there’s pain and swelling. The symptoms can be worse when you’re using certain hand movements, like holding objects or typing on a keyboard. Cold weather can cause flare-ups. 

How do I know if I’m developing vibration white finger?

You may notice these symptoms:

  • Your hands feel numb or tingly
  • You experience burning or stinging sensations in your hands
  • You develop blisters or calluses on your fingertips
  • You lose feeling in your hands
  • Your hands become stiff
  • You start experiencing problems gripping small 

How long have I got to make a claim?

If you’ve developed vibration white fingers through your employer’s negligence – such as not providing suitable equipment, training or supervision – you could be entitled to make a compensation claim against your employer. There are strict time limits set out in law for making a personal injury claim. You must bring your claim within 3 years of the date you first became aware of the problem. This applies even if you didn’t realise what was wrong with your hands until much later.

How our expert workplace negligence team can help you.

We are a specialist firm of personal injury solicitors with experience and expertise in acting for victims of Vibration White Finger (VWF)/ Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) injury claims.

We will provide independent and impartial advice to you. We never act for insurance companies or employers.

Our initial advice will be free and, if we take your case on, we will offer you a no-win no-fee agreement if you do not have legal expenses insurance cover or are not a member of a Trade Union.

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