Asbestos Advice

  1. Call us for legal advice immediately for free on XXXXXXXXXX if any of the conditions above are diagnosed the victim should seek legal advice immediately because there is a time limit for starting legal proceedings which is usually three years from the diagnosis or date of death. Legal advice should be sought from a solicitor with asbestos experience as asbestos related claims are often extremely complex. The court has the discretion to allow claims outside the three year claim period so it is always worth checking with an experienced solicitor whether you might have grounds for a successful claim.
  2. Paying for a Claim – Claims can be funded in several different ways. For example, if a claimant is or has been a Trade Union member the Union may agree to fund a claim. The claimant may also be able to enter a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement.
  3. Compensation – Compensation can be awarded for previous and future pain and suffering, loss of past and future earnings, lost pension contributions, cost of specialist care, travel expenses, care provided by the claimant’s family and special needs such as special baths or beds.

Other Ways to Secure Compensation

  1. 1979 Pneumoconiosis (Workers Compensation) Act
    We can pursue a compensation claim against businesses that have ceased trading or their
    insurers. Where this is not possible the Department for Transport, 1979 Pneumoconiosis (Workers Compensation) Act may
    allow a claim that can be paid out by the Government. This Act of Parliament allows for victims of dust-related diseases or their dependants to make a claim for payment.
  2. Department for Work & Pensions People suffering from Asbestos related conditions may be entitled to benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). These benefits are normally separate from any compensation claim being pursued. Victims exposed to Asbestos before 1948 may be entitled to a Workmen’s Compensation Scheme payment. After 4th July 1948 a victim suffering from Diffuse Pleural Thickening. Asbestosis, Asbestos induced cancer or Mesothelioma are entitled to apply for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit. This is payable to those claimants suffering disability that has been caused by a disease prescribed by the DWP as resulting from an occupation. We will advise you on your entitlement to DWP and other benefits.

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