Disappointed, but undaunted: Arti Shah reflects on last week’s Supreme Court let-down.

Though disappointed and frustrated by last week’s Supreme Court appeal judgment in the Gareth Jones case, Arti Shah’s resolve to fight for justice for innocent injured people remains undaunted… 

arti_shahI last blogged about a case I have been living and breathing for the last few years. Spending many a late night in the office as it wound its way through the judicial system…

Well it culminated in a one-day hearing at the Supreme Court on 28 February. And, last Wednesday, the Court handed down its judgment. This upheld the original decision, meaning that Gareth Jones would not receive ANY compensation for something that was not his fault.

Whilst it’s helpful that the judges have, at least, provided some clarity, it is still deeply disappointing. And I share the family’s frustrations that the decision didn’t go our way, particularly in such tragic circumstances.

But cases like Gareth’s are the reason I get up in the morning and come to work – our fight for injured people must continue.

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