Ealing parking dispute

Ealing based parking enforcers are engaged in 5 days’ strike action from the 26th to the 30th March. 

The NSL-employed members of the Unite trade union planned industrial action on the 1st and 2nd March to show their disgust at the dismissal of Parveen Bhardwaj, who was also their shop steward.This action was suspended as a token of good faith to allow negotiations to take place with the employer.

Unite union member Parveen Bhardwaj said “We are all aware that our employers, NSL, will use any opportunity to catch a parking attendant out, discipline them and then make it look like a fair dismissal with no recourse available to the employee other than claiming unfair dismissal with little evidence to support such a claim. We are watched all the time by cameras and managers who will criticise any attendant who does not take advantage of an opportunity to issue a ticket. The public take their anger out on us and, quite rightly, suspect we have to fulfil quotas. But they don’t know we have to do this under the threat of losing our jobs” 

At a recent industrial tribunal involving an NSL parking attendant, it was found that the company did have illegal quotas for the issuing of tickets. Richard Gates from UNITE said “they dismissed Parveen in my and the Unite members view because he was an active shop steward who stood up to management to protect his members. They approached me for discussions which took place last Wednesday afternoon but, sadly, these broke down as NSL refused to reinstate Parveen.This has meant that we have had to continue with industrial action this week which is regrettable but necessary.’

The sustained direct action by union representatives and members is to alert the public to the fact that this company appears to be anti-trade union and want to get its claws into any shop stewards to prevent them from protecting their members.

Felicia Epstein, solicitor acting for Unite members, made the point that: “No one likes getting a parking ticket and this is certainly not the way to get the public to support sanctions against illegal parking. But when a major employer resorts to bullying tactics and proven illegal practices they must be stopped. We will protect union members who are victimised in this way, and ensure that the full force of the law is used to make a change in these illegal employment practices.” 


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