Family Mediation

If you are looking for an alternative way to handle disputes over child care or financial matters, our family law specialists may recommend Family Mediation. Our expertise in this area successfully equip us with the knowledge and skills to assist and support you through the process of mediation and help you to achieve your desired outcome, without having to go to court.

Family Mediation offers an alternative to court litigation by offering couples a voluntary forum in which to resolve any disputes they may have. It is not designed to help estranged couples reconcile their relationship, but instead allows them to discuss issues such as child care and financial matters.

Why choose Family Mediation?

Many choose this method because it is not as lengthy as the court process and is less expensive. Couples also benefit from having more control over the process, as they can decide when, where and how often their mediation meetings take place, as well as deciding the outcome for themselves, rather than having it dictated by the court. This method is particularly recommended for couples with children, as it can improve communication and lead to a better outcome for the children.

Our family law team is professional and impartial, so you can feel confident in their experience and abilities in helping couples to successfully resolve issues relating to communication issues, child care arrangements and finances.

To find out more about Family Mediation and whether it is suitable for your circumstances, please contact us on 0800 069 9060.