Hospital trust takes 5 years to settle negligence case in first-time mum death.

A Dartford man has secured six figure damages from Dartford and Gravesham NHS  Hospital Trust following the birth of his son and the tragic death of his wife in 2007.

Lauren Gard, aged just 26 died from HELLP Syndrome, a form of pre-eclampsia, just 12 hours after her son Charlie was born while in the care of  the Darrent Valley hospital. Due to a missed diagnosis, the mother giving birth to her first child suffered from high blood pressure and liver failure which, if correctly identified and treated appropriately, could have saved her life.

Merlin Gard said after the settlement “I just want to bring up my son as a well-rounded individual in the absence of my wife who was my best friend and the best part of me. This case was never about money but to make those responsible face up to what they did. I have heard all the apologies but they leave me cold. They will not bring Charlie’s mum back. They need to tear the department involved apart to stop an incident like this ever happening again.

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, the family solicitor, observed “It has taken some 5 years for the people responsible in this tragic case to own up to their mistakes and I am relieved that Charlie’s future will be secure – as much as it will be possible without his mother. The family will always be reminded that Charlie’s birthday is also the day of his mother’s death.

The Trust admitted negligence early on but always denied it made any difference to the tragic outcome.

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