How we’re making sure that EVERYONE has access to affordable legal representation

Clinical negligence solicitor Richard Kayser, from our London office, is concerned at the frantic pace of Government changes to the legal aid system…

richard_kayserAs the criminal bar protests to the Government that the cuts cannot go on, should the rest of the profession sit up, listen and consider joining in?

As I speak to new clients about different funding options I’m surprised to learn that they are completely unaware about the changes that the Government implemented in April 2013. Legal Aid in clinical negligence is now only available for children who have suffered an injury through treatment received in their first six weeks of life.

This now means that hundreds of people are left without access to government legal funding. How can this be right, especially when it is effectively a government body who caused/inflicted the harm?

Changes to the profession are being pushed though so quickly that the public are not even aware of the implications until it is too late.

Unless we do something about these changes, I’m concerned that vulnerable people will not have access to help that they’re not only entitled to, but that they desperately deserve.

At Pattinson & Brewer, the clinical negligence team is working on a number of different ways to ensure that clients have access to legal advice and representation, whilst ensuring that there will be no fee in the event of an unsuccessful claim.

If you need further information, I’m always available for a chat on 020 7653 3236.

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