Local groups come together in York, for launch of new National Asbestos Forum

A new national forum is bringing together speakers from York Trades Council, Asbestos Victims Support Groups – South Yorkshire and Bradford and the Joint Union Asbestos Committee this Wednesday, 26 February, in York.

The event marks the launch of a new Forum, dedicated to networking, campaigning and providing the very latest information, to help victims and their families. www.asbestosforum.co.uk.

Our speakers in York will discuss latest developments, surrounding asbestos in this country – its effects on our communities and individuals and, discuss the continued fight needed, to eliminate asbestos completely from all our school buildings.

Julie Winn, Chair of Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) will also draw people’s attention to the latest policy review from the Department for Education into asbestos management in schools and, urging all with an interest, to respond. “20,000 people a year are dying from workplace cancers and current national stats indicate that the incidence of mesothelioma is set to continue to rise until the 2020s.”

She continued “We have been urging the Government to make a difference and, we certainly see this latest review as the chance to make a fundamental difference to Government policies and approach to dealing with asbestos in schools.”

The Forum event will take place at the TSSA offices, 51 – 53 Nunnery Lane, York.

Representatives from local schools, trade unions, families effected by asbestos are coming along to support the launch which will commence at 5.30 p.m. with refreshments. Presentations and discussions start around 5.50 and continue to 7.30 p.m.

Firm News, Marcus Weatherby,
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