Prenuptial Agreements

Our family law team has a wealth of experience and knowledge to successfully offer bespoke advice to you on arranging a Prenuptial Agreement or Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement.

A ‘prenup’ is designed to safeguard each individual’s assets by setting out what happens to them should the breakdown of the marriage or civil partnership occur in the future, and is now being acknowledged by the Family Court.

Rather than being viewed as ‘unromantic’, a well-drafted agreement is now recommended for many modern marriages as it can help you to understand exactly what you will receive should you decide to separate from your spouse in the future. It can make a big difference in the event of a separation as it enables couples to avoid any dispute over assets, as well as lengthy court battles or financial stress.

In a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, the court will seek to evenly distribute assets, such as property, savings and inheritances, regardless of legal ownership. This could mean that one party may bring more assets into the relationship, but may lose some of these in future divorce proceedings. The best way to protect and safeguard their assets for the future is with a Prenuptial Agreement.

Couples who are already married can choose to enter into a Postnuptial Agreement, which allows them to set out how assets will be divided should the marriage breakdown in the future.

Whether you are looking to draw up a new agreement or revise an existing one, our team is on hand to provide sensitive and expert advice on how to achieve a fair agreement.

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