Sore point: 1 in 10 patients suffers through NHS neglect

marcus_weatherbyPartner Marcus Weatherby on why legal action is sometimes all that’s left for our clients …

The Head of the Care Quality Commission, David Prior, is right to point out the failings in NHS emergency care. In his speech last week, he was forthright in his comments: ‘If healthcare doesn’t work you can die.

In recent research, one in ten patients was found to have suffered harm in NHS hospitals and care homes. Bedsores were the most common result of neglect, with 5.6 percent of patients suffering pressure ulcers, which can be fatal.

This is reflected in what we are finding in the profile of clients who seek advice from us. Nobody wants to take action against the health service. However those who come to us have been injured in a way that leaves them with little choice but to ask us to do so.

Marcus Weatherby, Medical Negligence,
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