Brain Haemorrhage Victim Wins £330,000 from NHS

Lawyers representing a 60-year-old man who suffered a brain haemorrhage the day after he was sent home from hospital have negotiated a £330,000 settlement of his clinical negligence claim against the NHS.

The man had been born with learning and mobility difficulties but had managed to hold down a job as a janitor at an RAF base. He was taken to hospital after suffering severe headaches but a CT scan was not performed before he was discharged. He collapsed the following day and was again transported by ambulance to the same hospital where the haemorrhage was diagnosed.

His sight was badly affected by the permanent brain damage he suffered and his existing level of disability was worsened. He had always been looked after by his mother but his dependence upon her has now greatly increased.

After legal proceedings were commenced, the NHS trust which ran the hospital agreed to a settlement of his case. In approving the compromise, the High Court applauded the extraordinary fortitude of the man’s 87-year-old mother.

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