Widow of Asbestos Victim Wins Six-Figure Payout

Asbestos exposure carries with it a dreadful legacy that can stretch decades into the future – but it is important to remember that the passage of years need not deprive you of your right to compensation. In one case, a widow whose husband died as a consequence of a lifetime spent working as a carpet fitter has achieved a sizeable compensation settlement from his former employer.

The man died, aged 70, from mesothelioma, an incurable cancer of the lining of the lungs often associated with asbestos exposure. A strong and active man, who loved his job and was anxious to remain in the workplace for as long as possible, he endured prolonged suffering before the disease took his life.

His former employer swiftly admitted liability after lawyers launched proceedings on his widow’s behalf. The High Court found that, but for the cancer, he would probably have enjoyed another 16 years of life. It awarded his widow £90,000 for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity he suffered during his illness.

She was also entitled to compensation for, amongst other things, his lost earnings and to reflect the value of services he would have provided for his family had he survived. The final amount of the award has yet to be calculated but it is certain to run well into six figures.

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