For the sake of all our elderly, vulnerable relatives, we must ensure that there are never any gaps in ‘care home’ care.

19 August 2013 By Jamie Hanley

Following a sad and disturbing claim that has just been settled, personal injury specialist Kirsty Broadway, of our Bristol office, highlights the need for uninterrupted 24/7, year-round responsibility in care homes around Britain…

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Slips, trips, and kids – it’s not always their fault!

5 December 2011 By Jamie Hanley

Slips and trips are – and always have been – an everyday hazard. Especially for children, who don’t always have the experience to anticipate the possibility of danger. And they don’t always look where they’re going. So, too often, they have to learn the hard way. But it isn’t always their fault. Kirsty Broadway – of […]

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Mum sues council after girl’s path fall

21 November 2011 By Jamie Hanley

The following article was published by The Shields Gazette on Saturday, 19th November, 2011. The case is being handled by Kirsty Broadway of our Bristol office. 

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8 year-old child hurt in pothole accident – 26th October 2011

26 October 2011 By Jamie Hanley

8 year old Levy was crossing Sheridan Road on the way home from school earlier this month when she fell after tripping in an unrepaired pothole. A couple who witnessed the incident comforted the bruised and distressed child while an ambulance was called to treat her.

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