News Release re. WPC Kelly Jones



Tuesday, 2 April 2013




This is a statement with regard to WPC Kelly Jones and an incident that took place in Norfolk in 2012.


We cannot discuss the detail of a case which is ongoing. Our role, at this time, is to provide legal representation for WPC Kelly Jones, which we will continue to do. We will also provide support in liaison with the Police Federation.


Police officers are no different to other public servants and workers in this country who have the right to have a case investigated where they believe they have been injured due to someone else’s negligence.



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Note to Editor:

  1. We refer you to the website of the Police Federation of England & Wales for their further comments earlier today.




For any further information, please contact:

Denise Kitchener
(W): 020 7653 3288 (M): 07901050902 (F): 020 7653 3201



(If Denise is unavailable):

Chris Theobald
(W): 0115 9816994 (M): 07977586608




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