The Government has decided to introduce a system of fees in Employment Tribunals.  A consultation exercise asking for views on different options has just concluded.  Paul Statham of Pattinson & Brewer solicitors who co-chaired a committee of the Employment Lawyers Association summarises their response.   (more…)

Pattinson & Brewer employment specialist Paul Statham is further exasperated by the practical problems people are encountering as they attempt to navigate the treacherous waters of the Government’s new Employment Tribunal fee remission system. (more…)

Elizabeth Stephenson, a specialist in employment and trade union law at our London City office, explains how the realities of tribunal cost awards rarely match the fears some employers seek to exploit …    (more…)

Since 2010 Julie Winn, our York-based legal specialist on asbestos, has been Chair of the national Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC). With the aim of making all UK schools safe from the dangers of asbestos, JUAC works closely with the Department for Education steering group, Asbestos in Schools (AIS). (more…)

Julie Winn, our York-based legal specialist on all things asbestos, is appalled at the level of ignorance indicated by the Government’s proposed consultation on mesothelioma claims. With a consultation this flawed, what hope can we possibly hold out for any resulting legislative changes? (more…)

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Paul_StathamPrice of settling unfair dismissal claims could go up by £1,200 – People Management Magazine Online.

Pattinson & Brewer employment specialist Paul Statham expresses frustration at the many practical problems thrown up by the apparently hastily introduced employment tribunal Practice Directions and Guidance… (more…)

Jack Waller, from our Head Office in London, questions both the value and fairness in the way courts are responding to insurance claims arising from ‘low velocity impacts’… (more…)

Pattinson & Brewer employment specialist Paul Statham voices serious misgivings over the new employment tribunal fees structure that the Government will bring in on 29 July, 2013…  (more…)

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