Pattinson & Brewer employment specialist Paul Statham highlights  changes you might have missed regarding changes to employment tribunal rules … (more…)

Elizabeth Stephenson, a specialist in employment and trade union law at our London City office, sounds a warning about the dangers to employees of the incautious use of social media…    (more…)

The Government has decided to introduce a system of fees in Employment Tribunals.  A consultation exercise asking for views on different options has just concluded.  Paul Statham of Pattinson & Brewer solicitors, who co-chaired a committee of the Employment Lawyers Association, summarises their response.  (more…)

This (edited) article by my colleague Anthea Christie might have been written a few months ago. But the message it conveys – about an employee’s behaviour when out of the workplace – has never been more topical. For ‘restaurant in Paris’, just substitute the phrase ‘looting in London’…