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The following statement has just been issued by Pattinson & Brewer:



Pattinson & Brewer is advising the Communications Workers Union on industrial action issues arising from Royal Mail’s plans for privatisation. The CWU is balloting its members about pay, pension and other protections.

Head of employment at the firm, Binder Bansel, clarified the legal assistance being provided by explaining that the technical issues surrounding such a major ballot, coupled with the many detailed and complex rules surrounding the action, requires expert legal advice irrespective of the outcome.

The procedures for notification and the information to be provided have to be carried out in the most meticulous manner to ensure that the process is legal, and to ensure that the final result is notified to both CWU members and Royal Mail.

Accountability is also a major consideration as balloting of union members requires careful preparation as the consequences for failing to comply with the legal requirements can be severe for the CWU and its members.

The UK’s industrial action ballot rules are also among the most complex in the western world. Pattinson & Brewer is a recognised expert in such cases.

Pattinson & Brewer is a leading claimant law firm – founded in 1890 – with offices in London, Bristol and York. Our solicitors and their support teams fight for justice on behalf of individuals, never big organisations. Our key sectors are personal injury, medical negligence, industrial and employment.


For any further information, please contact:


Denise Kitchener
(W): 020 7653 3288

(M): 07901050902

(F): 020 7653 3201



(If Denise is unavailable): Chris Theobald
(W): 0115 9140331

(M): 07977586608




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The Legislative and Policy Committee of the ELA (Employment Lawyers Association) set up a working group under the chairmanship of Paul Statham of Pattinson & Brewer to consider and comment on the discussion paper ”Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill-Certification of Trade Union Membership Details” published by BIS in July 2013. (more…)

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