Injuries caused by animals and countryside claims

  • Horse riding accidents

Our expert who deals with horse riding injuries will provide you with free initial advice on your compensation claim and it may be possible to pursue a claim under our No Win No Fee agreement.

Claiming compensation for horse riding injuries

The unpredictable nature of working with horses and, the sometimes, high speed of travel, mean that horse riding, is not without risks. Accidents do happen when riding or working with horses. Sometimes, however, accidents are caused by somebody’s negligence, and in these cases we could help you to claim compensation.

If you have suffered an injury while riding or working with horses and you do not feel it was your fault, Victoria Harvey, our expert personal injury lawyer would be happy to discuss the incident and assist you with making a horse riding injury claim.

An accident while horse riding can, unfortunately, sometimes lead to serious injury. We understand that this can be a very traumatic time for you and we will handle your horse riding injury claim sensitively at all times.
Road Traffic Accidents

Road users have a duty to take care when they are passing or approaching horses being ridden or led along public roads. If you and your horse have been injured in a road accident caused by a lack of care from other road users, we could help you to claim compensation

Accidents at Work

If you work with horses, either on a paid or voluntary basis, your employer has a duty to keep you safe. Employees at riding schools, livery yards, stud farms, racing stables and trekking centres could all claim compensation if they have been injured at work due to a failure by your employer to keep you safe.

Accidents during Competitions

Competition organisers and the owners of venues have a duty to protect competitors, spectators and other people attending riding competitions. If you were injured at a competition, you should speak to our experts about making a claim.

  • Other countryside claims

You may have been injured whilst walking on farmland or, out in the countryside and, you believe it was due to someone else’s negligence. Farmers and others have a duty of care in many circumstances. Call Frances McCarthy directly on 0207 653 3200 to discuss making a claim.

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