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Approximately 60% of the population have not made a Will, which means their loved ones could face financial hardship in the event of their death. Having an effective Will is essential when preparing for the future, because it controls what happens to your assets after you have gone. This can safeguard the future for your loved ones, making it much simpler to deal with your affairs after your death, and can be a great comfort to your family during what is a very difficult and emotional time.

We have extensive experience in supporting individuals with preparing a Will and appointing an executor, and pride ourselves on the bespoke advice we provide to each and every client.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that allows you to state what will happen to your assets following your death and can also include instructions for your funeral. Within your Will you can state what will happen to your finances, including bank accounts, pensions or investments, personal possessions and property.

Do I need a Will?

Being married or in a civil partnership offers no guarantees that your spouse will automatically inherit your estate. Having a legally valid Will allows you to control who receives your assets following your death, making it an incredibly important document that can ensure financial security for your loved ones in the future. Without one, you cannot control what will happen to your estate.

What is Probate?

A Grant of Probate is a legal document that is issued to the executor of your Will after your death. It enables them to take control of your financial assets, such as bank accounts.

For expert assistance and tailored advice in preparing a Will or drawing up a Grant of Probate, contact our specialist team on 0800 069 9060.

Our Probate team is headed up by Caroline Phelan who supervises Katie Rowsby.

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