Administering An Estate

Administering an estate is the term given to the complex process involved in carrying out the wishes within your Will. Typically, this role is given to the executor of the Will, which is usually a family member or close friend of the deceased. Due to the complex and time consuming nature of the role, it can be incredibly difficult to act as an executor, particularly during what is an emotional and challenging time. This can be made even more complex if the individual died ‘intestate’, meaning they did not make a Will.

Our team has a wealth of experience in estate administration, so you can feel confident that our advice and support will be professional, understanding and tailored to your needs and the needs of your loved ones.

Why do I need assistance with administering an estate?

Appointing a specialist solicitor can help to relieve the pressure and stress of being an executor, ensuring there are no mistakes made and that the beneficiaries of your Will receive what they are entitled to. By acting as the administer to your estate they can also assist with the legal responsibilities relating to the following:

• Registering the death
• Probate
• Tax and debts
• Property
• Beneficiaries
• Full Estate Accounts

Where no Will exists, the process of administering an estate becomes even more complex. In such instances, we recommend contacting a legal expert for advice.

We recognise that everyone’s needs are different, which is why our professional team can provide advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances. Please contact our specialists on 0800 069 9060for more information.

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