Contesting A Will

If you feel you have missed out on an inheritance or received a significantly lower share of an estate, you may have grounds for contesting a Will. Our legal specialists are expertly trained to handle such cases with the utmost sensitivity, helping you to avoid undue stress at a challenging and emotional time. Your appointed representative will deliver professional guidance and advice that is free from legal jargon, in order to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Do I have grounds for contesting a Will?

There are many reasons why you may be entitled to contest a Will:

• If there are questions over its validity. If the Will was not signed and witnessed correctly, you believe there was undue influence put on the maker of the Will or there are questions over the individual’s legal capacity to make a Will, then you may be able to bring a case.

• In cases where the deceased has not made provisions for dependents or family members, including children, spouses or civil partners.

• Where you believe investments have been mis-managed by the executor of the Will or they have engaged in improper behaviour.

• Where you believe there may have been negligence on the part of the solicitor who originally drafted the Will, relating to the deceased individual’s wishes or issues relating to the signatures and witnessing.

• There are questions over the ownership of property listed within a Will

There are time limits relating to disputed Wills, so if you believe one or more of the above applies to you, we recommend seeking immediate advice. Please contact our specialists for professional and friendly guidance on 0800 069 9060.

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