Drafting A Will

Being married or in a civil partnership does not guaranteed that your spouse will inherit your estate in the event of your death, which is why drafting a Will is so important. The absence of a Will is known as ‘intestacy’, which is a set of legal rules that dictates how your assets are distributed and may not necessarily reflect your wishes.

Whether you are preparing a new Will or wish to update an existing one, our specialist team of estate planners are ready to assist you by providing bespoke advice on the management and distribution of your estate. Our depth of knowledge relating to finances, property, trusts and tax laws enables us to deliver expert advice in order to help you with the drafting of an effective Will, which can protect the interests of your loved ones.

When should I draft a Will?

It is never too early to draft a Will, but it is highly recommended that you make or update your Will following any significant life events, such as getting married, entering a civil partnership or divorced, the birth or adoption of a child, moving house or any major changes to your finances.

In addition to assisting you with the preparation of your Will, we have the knowledge and skills to provide advice on inheritance tax, ensuring this is minimised to provide financial security for your loves ones in the future.

To receive professional and friendly advice on drafting a will, please contact our experts on 0800 069 9060.

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