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Slips and trips are – and always have been – an everyday hazard. Especially for children, who don’t always have the experience to anticipate the possibility of danger. And they don’t always look where they’re going. So, too often, they have to learn the hard way. But it isn’t always their fault. Kirsty Broadway – of our Bristol office – has been dealing with several such cases lately, two of which are on-going…


On discovering what Abbi Stell of our Bristol office specialises in, one of the things people ask most regularly is ‘what should I do if I have an accident?’ The key, she explains, is gathering contemporaneous (i.e. at-the-time) evidence…


Cruises are becoming ever more popular with all ages. Thankfully the vast majority pass off without incident. But what – asks John Kilmister from our Bristol office – if you’re injured whilst a passenger on board a ship?