Cruise control: what to do if you’re injured at sea.

Cruises are becoming ever more popular with all ages. Thankfully the vast majority pass off without incident. But what – asks John Kilmister from our Bristol office – if you’re injured whilst a passenger on board a ship?

You can claim compensation in the normal fashion against the cruise operator. But there are pitfalls for the unwary… the biggest of which is time.

With a land-based personal injury claim – like a road traffic accident or an accident at work – the normal time limit is three years. This means that within three years of such an accident taking place, court proceedings must be started (if the claim has not already been settled).

With an accident as a passenger on board a ship, however, that time limit is reduced from three years to two.

It may still sound like long enough but, believe me, it’s time that will fly! When an accident is reported, for example, the cruise operator might try to ‘keep the claimant talking’. By offering a discount off another cruise. Or maybe a credit voucher. Granted, some of these offers might well be made in good faith. But the clock is still ticking, nonetheless…

So if you’ve been injured as a passenger on a cruise, seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible. It may sound corny, but the old adage holds true: you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at P&B for advice about accidents and personal injury – on land, in the air or even at sea. And if a claim is in order, we’ll make sure it all proceeds in ship-shape and (appropriately for me) Bristol fashion!

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