Let’s hope RCN videos mark a return to real nursing…

…says our clinical negligence partner and former nurse Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp as the Royal College of Nursing announces the welcome roll-out of a series of  ‘what nursing is really about’ information videos. 

It’s so important to show a balance of the not-so-pretty, practical aspects of the job (e.g. a patient vomiting) and the finer ones. And this marks a move away from the emphasis on the theory and academic side of nursing which has dogged the profession since the advent of Project 2000.

Project 2000 was the switch to degree-based nursing which has excluded many perfectly suited, non-academic applicants. And which has been at least partly responsible for the terrible accounts of lack of kindness and basic care epitomised in the Mid-Staffs inquiry.

The College is also conducting a survey into poor care, and may be shocked by the results. Any move back to vocational, practical-based caring nursing is long overdue.

Well done to the RCN!




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