Gary Lightwood – Managing Partner of our Bristol office – is a personal injury expert who heads the firm’s specialist motorcycle claims unit. In the light of a recent and very rare ‘track day’ accident at Oulton Park, he’s keen to emphasise the major safety benefits such riding opportunities offer motorcyclists, and anxious that neither organisers nor insurers overreact…    (more…)

In the light of another major UK insurer being fined for ‘mis-selling’, partner Marcus Weatherby underlines the importance of having access to truly independent legal advice (more…)

Jack Waller, from our Head Office in London, questions both the value and fairness in the way courts are responding to insurance claims arising from ‘low velocity impacts’… (more…)

richard_kayserClinical negligence solicitor Richard Kayser, from our London office, highlights the long-term risks of allowing tendon injuries to go untreated… (more…)

Arti Shah of our London office sums up what yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing was all about…  (more…)

The disturbing conclusions of the Hillsborough Report have far wider implications than may have first been appreciated, believes clinical negligence partner and former NHS nurse Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp…


Yesterday we saw vindication for the Hillsborough families after their 23 year-long struggle.

Our thoughts are with those families who, at last, have the truth. Full justice and redress, we believe, must come next.

In the High Court a Nottingham man has secured damages from  Network Rail following the tragic death of his wife and grandson at a pedestrian-only railway crossing.


Contrary to what the insurance companies and some of their allies in Parliament and the media would like us to believe, the vast majority of personal injury claims are legitimate. But there are people who will ‘push their luck’ and exaggerate injuries for personal gain. Jack Waller, from our Head Office in London, shows why it really isn’t worth the risk….


The following article was published by The Shields Gazette on Saturday, 19th November, 2011. The case is being handled by Kirsty Broadway of our Bristol office.  (more…)