Royal College of Physicians report spotlights a grave situation

Amid concerns from the Royal College of Physicians that NHS services are under intense strain Frances McCarthy, managing partner of one of the UK’s leading claimant firms specialising in clinical negligence, suggests that a tipping point has been reached…

“In my experience we have never seen a situation as grave as it is today. To reach a position where the cutting of resources results in a third less beds but a third more patients is outrageous. It is no wonder that hospitals are unable to provide the care that is so essential. 

A recent case of ours involved an elderly lady undergoing dialysis. During the procedure, a simple visit to the toilet resulted in her having a fall, fracturing her hip, while her nurse continued with a tea break. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Our team is dealing with increasing numbers of cases due to neglect and lack of resources. And I think it is time to speak out again about the scandalous way in which patient care is deteriorating while supposed targets of good practice are being reached.

The truth is unpalatable but we must face up to it. I hope key stakeholders, including lawyers, can work together to bring about the much-needed improvements in our systems, procedures and resources.”


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